Bande de pute in english

Le con behaves in a similar way: originally meaning cunt, it now means idiot (through meiosis, a weakening of meaning over time) and has a string of derivations: con (stupid un connard (dickhead une connasse (bitch, slut une connerie (idiocy déconner (to talk crap).
Close friends use tu ; one of the striking things about Juge Robans reunion with his former lover in Series 4 was hearing him call her.Les flics use tu with informants and suspects; it can indicate both solidarity and a very asymmetric power dynamic.That is to say, adults use it often, as well as the youth.carefully minding her Ps and Qs even while cursing.Koi interrogative, quoi, "what also seen in pourkoi, "why".(the d is dropped in Verlan because the final d does not pronounce in lourd ).Biz., bisous, "kisses".Theyre now all-purpose expletives, taika escort a bit like Fuck!Hot rabbit) show lah-PAÑ Chier., to shit; Shee-AY Les Chiottes n, The loo or the bog SEE-ott Chouraver v, to steal Cinoche., Cinema to see a film SEE-noh-sh La cité., ghetto see-TAY Con (masc.C subjverb, c'est, "it is".Usage may be changing, but generally, tu indicates social closeness, and vous distance or respect.Mé conj., mais, "but"."Fous le camp "Dégage!" (see the verb 'Foutre "Fuck you Go fuck yourself" "Va te faire foutre/enculer" adjective "This is fucking awful" "Putain, ça craint C'est bordelique C'est de la merde" "I am so fucked-up" "Je suis barré/perché" (mental state "Je suis totalement bourré(e (drunk.Use rather question formations where there is no inversion or 'est-ce que only the raised tone at the end of the sentence.Its mainstream enough now to merit entries in Larousse, the French OED, but its only used by Spirals urban youth.Enervé(e), pissed off, angry, aggravated.Common chat abbreviations edit There are two general guidelines: é can be substituted for all homophonic equivalents including "-ais "-ait "-es" (such as in the articles les and des the conjunction "et" (and and the verb "est" (third person sing.
La bagnole, que significa cita sexual car, is from Occitan; Herville calls the dead dog ce merde de clebs, using an Arabic loan ( clebs, mutt).
To fuck, to bugger.
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