Put up phrasal verb znaczenie

You can rely on Jim to up on time.
This is not the first time that a carcass of a whale is washed up the beach.
Phrasal Verbs (touch at turn up).To give information (on a document).Keep up - continue at the same rate.She got on the plane about 20 minutes ago.Get rid of pozbyć się czegoś, wyrzucić na śmieci That shirt is really ugly.A group of stargazers waited around for the sky to clear; instead, black clouds spread across the sky.Najefektywniej nauczysz się języka angielskiego z jeśli się zalogujesz.While there, you had better watch out for pickpocket.We hope this new business of ours will work out well successfully.The fans waited all morning at the airport for the television star to arrive.She wrote out a cheque for fifty busco pareja valladolid pounds.As we are in a hurry to go, lets help her wash up the dishes.The two of us washed down the spiral staircase this morning.I am not very good at writing short stories, but I am working.I up early this morning and went for a walk.
The bank was forced to write off some of the loans when the borrowers couldnt be found.
These stubborn dark stains will not wash off.

You dont have a good memory, so youd better write down whenever you need.
Get along mieć dobre układy z, dogadywać się.
The burglars have worked out a way to sneak into the whisky warehouse.