Put your hands up in the air перевод

put your hands up in the air перевод

If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60 alcohol.
But luckily Im also a scientist who recently acquired a portable dehumidifier.Almost painfully clean and clean up after pre-potty-trained pups Apparatus for producing clean reducing gases from coke oven apparatus for producing clean reducing gases.Clean hands figurative (lack of guilt) manos limpias nfpl adj The party is searching for someone with clean hands to run for the la putita de villaguay office.More importantly, its one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of germs.This video can also help you learn how to wash your hands the right way.If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer 423 KB that contains at least 60 alcohol.Clean off sth, clean sth off vtr adv (dirt: remove) limpiar ( suciedad ) sacar lavar, i hosed the car down to clean off the dirt.Limpia tu cuarto y guarda toda tu ropa.Trevor trató de animarme diciéndome que las mujeres con una casa limpia son muy aburridas.If I had a heat pump, I would be consuming more energy than otherwise by operating my dehumidifier.A 730W electric heater consumes exactly 730W of electricity.Cuando arma su gabinete, lo primero que hace un nuevo presidente es hacer limpieza.Clean sth out (items: clear) ( figurado ) desagotar I cleaned out all the children's old toys and gave them to charity.I plugged it into a Kill-A-Watt meter several hours ago to measure exactly how much electrical energy (indicated in kWh by the Kill-A-Watt meter) it consumed.But whatever the terminology you want to use, the fact remains that I can release.52 kWh of heat into my home for every 1 kWh of electricity my dehumidifier consumes.I currently pay about.07 per kWh for electricty, so I save about.42 per day when operating the dehumidifier in place of a heater.Debemos limpiar antes de que lleguen los invitados.

The enthalpy of vaporization of a substance is a measure of how much energy it takes to convert a given mass of the substance from a liquid to a gas.
Ahora que llega la primavera, es momento de limpiar la casa.